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4 Tips to Help You Crack SSB Group Discussion (GD) Round

Rajasthan University Result 2019 is out now, and it’s high time you started preparing for Indian Air Force recruitment 2020. The aerial wing of Indian Armed Forces brings releases notification a few times in a year for aspirants aiming to join it for permanent or short service commission. But to join the AirForce as an officer means you must crack SSB (Service Selection Board) interview. Spanning for five continuous days, the SSB tests the candidates for the physical, mental, and psychological might and resilience with help many psychological and physical tasks (rounds). GD is one such important round, where candidates are provided with the opportunity to be vocal of their beliefs and opinions, but in the most disciplined way possible. It’s important you make leave an impression on the board members with your knowledge, speaking, and presentation skills.

So here are 4 tips that you should keep in mind during your SSB interview for Indian Air Force recruitment 2020.

Take the Initiative

It’s not an easy task to get noticed once your group members start talking. To escape this chaos, it’s better that you initiate the discussion. It helps you get noticed and gives you the edge because your views will form the foundation of the entire discussion. However, you should not initiate if you are not clear of what’s being asked or you don’t have enough data on the subject. In such a case, listen to what others have to say and then pick the right statements to frame your thoughts.

Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is an integral part of any conversation, discussion, or debate. GD falls somewhere in the middle of the last two. But here is the thing, don’t get too obsessed with making eye contact with the members of the selection committee. It’s a group discussion held for the candidates, which means the candidates are the speakers as well as the listeners. Don’t get fixated upon any particular member of the group, and maintain contact with as many members as possible. It keeps them interested in your ideas.

Speak One Point at a Time

You get the topics before the inception of the debate, followed by an interval of 3 to 4 minutes for the sake of preparation. It’s reasonable if you come up with 7 to 8 ideas for the topic. But more often than not, the brilliant candidates fail in GDs because of the above-mentioned reason. Too much content only makes you jump on every other opportunity, even if it’s not your turn to speak. This might put you in the bad books of both the candidates and the selection panel. You should zero-in onto the most important points of all, and then put them up for discussion, one at a time.

Don’t Let it Derail

Don’t get too trained or too motivated from the TV debates, where representatives of various ideological groups try hard to derail the whole debate when they sense their lose defeat. If defeat comes to you, face it like a gentleman. It shows your character. Start practicing patience and perseverance for Indian Air Force recruitment 2020.


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