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Reasons Why You Can’t Study Efficiently

We all know the importance of studies and if you currently in college then you know that you are nothing with a good report card. Good grades will land you at a better place with a better job. So, our future is in our hands. You need to boost your self-esteem and the potential to get a good salary in your hands. But many times students find themselves in situations in which they are not able to study efficiently and there can be many reasons for it and the worst part about it they are not able to figure out the reason due to their busy schedule. But you need to find common mistakes that you have been doing so that you can find the pattern and get it fixed and get good marks in your university exams. Here are listing some of the reasons why you can’t study efficiently.

You Find The Topic Boring


It’s one of the major reason students are not able to study. We can understand that there are many topics and subjects in every course that can be boring. But in order to pass you need to understand the subject. Every subject and topic has it’s importance and significance. So, you need to find ways to make it interesting. Try to understand the topic from the seniors or the other fellow mates who have already understand the subject. And it will surely help you in scoring well in your CCS university result 2019.

You Got Low Grades


Many students lost their interest in their studies when they got low grades in their previous exams. But you need to understand that you can’t score well in every exam. There are certain subjects and topics in which you can’t master. But you don’t have to worry and think about it a lot. You can still do better even if you start today. If you feel like you’re are slipping behind, don’t panic, you’ll soon get the swing of it. Forget about the past and start working towards your goals.

Struggle To Find The Time To Study


This problem is familiar to many students who are studying in universities. After attending the college along with extracurricular studies you feel tired and also consumes a lot of time. But you need to take out your time to study. Studying at the last moment can create a lot of problems las you won’t be able to complete your syllabus and study properly. So, managing your time in your college days is a task which you need to master in order to succeed in your MLSU result 2019.

For succeeding in your life you need to stop worrying about your future and need to work on your present. We can understand that you don’t want to be left out of the college so find out your problems and solve them. We hope we were able to find the problems that you face with their solutions.



Time management tips for the students in College

Studying in a good college and graduating with good marks will lead to a good job. Students take an enormous amount of pressure on themselves to score good and stand out from the rest of the others. But they do forget that many things are liable and needed to score good and time management is one of them.

Good time management helps the students to find the superior task so that they can finish their homework and assignments on time. Being better at time management help students to organize things better and learn or remind things effectively. And you won’t be taking a slide which will lead to frustration and bad grades.

As the students take admission in colleges they have to tackle more subjects, assignments, exams and other activities they are interested in. So, good time management will help you face these situations. Having a good job will lead you to a relaxing and joyful life. So, you just need to manage some time and get good marks.


Here we have listed a few points which will help you in better time management in your college days.

Make a schedule - Scheduling help you with prioritizing your assignments, projects and on the subjects, you need to work upon. It will help you to stand out from the rest as you will never miss your due dates. And you will definitely score well in your Brij University result 2019.

Stay away from distractions  - You can be easily distracted by small things like your mother’s call or a text from your sister or your friend knocking on your door. You can turn the internet off until your task is complete or you can put your phone on silent and put it at another corner of your room. Save the social networking sites and games when you are relaxing.

Try to do one task at a time - Try to get involved in one activity at a time so that you can focus on your work and you don’t have to look at it again and again. Multitasking can’t be done with your studies. You will need to maintain complete focus and flow while studying and you will definitely see a good score in your CCS University result 2019.

Treat yourself - Treating yourself after one task is complete can help you more organized and make you feel more confident in your work. You can treat yourself once you have finished a task from your schedule and save the rest of the treating for the other tasks.

Take part in extracurricular activities - Extracurricular activities help you in relaxing from your schedule and studies. Be it sports, dance, acting or any other event you are interested in. Taking part in these activities will help you in engaging with your college.

Have a good night sleep - Our body needs a minimum of 8 hours of sleep in a day, it will help you in recharging your body and you will be ready for the next day to follow your schedule again. So, it’s really important to find a place of 8-10 hours of sleep in your schedule so that you can be a more organizing student.


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4 Tips to Help You Crack SSB Group Discussion (GD) Round

Rajasthan University Result 2019 is out now, and it’s high time you started preparing for Indian Air Force recruitment 2020. The aerial wing of Indian Armed Forces brings releases notification a few times in a year for aspirants aiming to join it for permanent or short service commission. But to join the AirForce as an officer means you must crack SSB (Service Selection Board) interview. Spanning for five continuous days, the SSB tests the candidates for the physical, mental, and psychological might and resilience with help many psychological and physical tasks (rounds). GD is one such important round, where candidates are provided with the opportunity to be vocal of their beliefs and opinions, but in the most disciplined way possible. It’s important you make leave an impression on the board members with your knowledge, speaking, and presentation skills.

So here are 4 tips that you should keep in mind during your SSB interview for Indian Air Force recruitment 2020.

Take the Initiative

It’s not an easy task to get noticed once your group members start talking. To escape this chaos, it’s better that you initiate the discussion. It helps you get noticed and gives you the edge because your views will form the foundation of the entire discussion. However, you should not initiate if you are not clear of what’s being asked or you don’t have enough data on the subject. In such a case, listen to what others have to say and then pick the right statements to frame your thoughts.

Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is an integral part of any conversation, discussion, or debate. GD falls somewhere in the middle of the last two. But here is the thing, don’t get too obsessed with making eye contact with the members of the selection committee. It’s a group discussion held for the candidates, which means the candidates are the speakers as well as the listeners. Don’t get fixated upon any particular member of the group, and maintain contact with as many members as possible. It keeps them interested in your ideas.

Speak One Point at a Time

You get the topics before the inception of the debate, followed by an interval of 3 to 4 minutes for the sake of preparation. It’s reasonable if you come up with 7 to 8 ideas for the topic. But more often than not, the brilliant candidates fail in GDs because of the above-mentioned reason. Too much content only makes you jump on every other opportunity, even if it’s not your turn to speak. This might put you in the bad books of both the candidates and the selection panel. You should zero-in onto the most important points of all, and then put them up for discussion, one at a time.

Don’t Let it Derail

Don’t get too trained or too motivated from the TV debates, where representatives of various ideological groups try hard to derail the whole debate when they sense their lose defeat. If defeat comes to you, face it like a gentleman. It shows your character. Start practicing patience and perseverance for Indian Air Force recruitment 2020.


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Best Daily Time Table to Follow when Preparing Competitive Exams

Rajasthan University result 2019 is out, which means it's time to shift to the top gear of government exam preparations. Every year, state and central government release many notifications for different competitive exams pertaining to vacancies needed to be filled in various government departments. The only way you could get a seat like such is by giving proper time to your daily preparations. But huddling yourself recklessly in your course and notebooks won’t get you the SSC GD Constable 2019, or any exam for that sake, you have been wishing for for a long time. You have to do it in the conventional, time-tested, and advised way that everyone follows during their school times. So here is the good, old time-table from the old days, that w have customized to suit your agenda of excelling competitive exams.

Starting it Early: 7:30 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.

7:30 is the best time to start with your preparations. It’s neither too late nor too early, and gives you enough time to complete your morning sleep too. After doing the morning chores needed for good health, you can start with general awareness and current affairs, both important and scoring section of any competitive exams.

Break Time: 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

Concluding GK and GS AT 11, it’s now time for the next meal of the day after breakfast, lunch. Make it light as you won’t be getting into any rigorous physical activity until you secure a decent post in a good government organisation. Once done, get a brisk walk in the home itself, and take an afternoon nap till 2. You can also have your daily dose of T.V. before the nap to get updated with the latest national and international news.

Quantitative Aptitude:  2:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Now is the time for another hot and top scoring section that needs your regular attention. Quantitative aptitude has good amount of mathematics involved, even if it’s basic, so you have to memorise hoards of mathematical formulas and tricks to complete any question in given time. There are a number of books in the market for this subject, however, it’s advised you stick with one to reduce unnecessary baggage and clutter.

Outdoor Activities: 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.

A simple game or two of basketball, badminton, cricket, or volleyball would do the job. If you are not a sports fan or person, a 2 or 3-mile walk in a park or around a pollution-free area will be more than enough.

General Reasoning: 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.

The last, but not the least, is General reasoning. The questions, as you know, are seldom tough, but tricky to such an extent that you risk falling for the tricks that make them look a cup of tea. Two hours for General Reasoning would be enough.

Revision and Test:  8:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.

As the day approaches its end, you should not look for any more new concepts and turn to revision instead. Revising all your concept and formulas for the day marks an end to a typical day in the life of a government job aspirant.


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How to Prepare For SSC GD Constable Written Examination

Whether you wish to see your name in top spots of SSC Constable GD Result 2019 or want clear any other government examination, the first obstacle, generally, is the Computer Based Written Test (CBWT). A typical government examination is conducted in two or three phases, the first of which is the CBWT. Although very similar to the paper-based examination, CBWTs have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. As much of our preparation is done using pen and paper, we might feel a little disconnected with technology that we have used for almost everything in our life but examination.

Read to know 3 tips that will help you prepare for your future CBWTs, while you wait for your Brij University 2019.

1. Give As Many Online Mocks as Possible

There is no denying that if any activity bothers you and with the risk of failure, then it’s best to practice it as many times as possible. It’s no different with CBWT. There are a number of websites offering mock tests for almost all sections of the written examination. That means you can attempt English, Maths, Reasoning, Aptitude, or any one of all sections that you counter problems in.

2. Prepare With Online Study Material

The best part of preparing through online medium is you only get updated information. Books and hard copies of your institute are fine, and they do work for sections like Maths, Reasoning, etc, but GK and Current Affairs is one section that you should never attempt learning from competitive books and magazines. If you are a fan of old-school and classic competitive magazines famous for their premium and exclusive content, then fret not, because most of them have their websites and newsletters. They even send notifications regarding new material updates, if you join their notification program. You can also download their mobile apps too for real-time updates, which would only act as a catalyst for your preparation.

3. Attempt Even those Examinations You Don't Aspire For

Every aspirant for a particular exam prepares with almost the same study material nowadays. Coaching centers are abundant, all teaching with almost the same methodology and syllabus. Still, nothing or no one could coach students on ways of handling exam pressure, and above all examination hall pressure. The only way you could learn to handle that is by sitting by writing as many exams as possible. It doesn't matter whether you wish to join the organization or not after clearing the exam, and it’s all about practice. Most government exams today have the structure and syllabus, the only difference being the level of questions that are asked. So attempting such papers would only keep you on your doubles, and would act as a warm before your day comes.

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